Jan 15, 2009

Conversation between me and my career

Me: Wilt thou, fair maiden, go my way?
Wilt thou agree to clasp my hand,
lead me out of the mire of despondency
and the swamp of middle-class mentality?
I pledge thee my troth,
abandon all hopes of love
sign on the dotted line that
asks me to give up on my social life.
What sayest thou ?

Career: Young lady, it is much that you ask
and too much lip from a lady too!
Knowest not thou that a man thou must be
to climb up this steep mountain ?
If not a man, then thou must be the fairest of all damsels
who can beguile all the male wayfarers.
If thou art neither, then what right hath thee
to ask so much of me?
Look around!
Varied is thy choice.
Thou canst be the artful courtesan or artless slut
bimbo receptionist or hard-working sales girl
Many low-level options open to you without doubt!
And if these too doth not please thy undeserving ambition,
then marry a man, serve him well
in bed and without
and you will fulfil your purpose of living, no doubt!


  1. wow, but you dint have to be that blunt and critical.

    Booty lies in the eyes of the behold only.. It's all about finding the beholder :D

  2. An ode to Jusy Candy Foxx...

    Dear Jusy, why dost thou despair?
    Thou of the raven, black hair
    and a caramel voice that sounds
    on the phone so fair!

    Career and men art concerns
    not worthy of thy thoughts.
    Thou are a "dreamy chic",
    thou of the curly locks.
    If thou shalst despair again...
    think happy thoughts,

    Or just call dear cuddly
    & say thou are 'Candy Foxx'

    Cheers! :D

  3. @Lash:
    Walk a mile in my shoes and see how you change your tune.

    Charmer! Liar! Flatterer!
    (silly girly giggles)

  4. @Swati

    Hmph! Now u say! Have worn out my knees the last 2 years asking you every day to be mine!