Dec 5, 2009

Consumerist soul

Do you know what love feels like? It feels like someone is spinning you around without stopping and even when they have, the room is still spinning around anyway. You never wanted to be that Meatloaf song and "do anything for love". You always thought you could never care about another human being anymore. You thought you would be happy with your personal goals and achievements. Then one day it hit you. That you always knew that you are brilliant/talented/beautiful/whatever. That you would only be happy when you stripped yourself of your own ego and laid yourself bare in front of someone else and they liked what they saw. the old skeleton, the aged flesh, the sunken eyes, whatever. That was dizzying, wasn't it? that someone loved you for what you are and not what you could be,

Let me be the cup that you drink from.
Let me be the run-down ramshackle shelter from the storm.
Let me be the fire that burns you.
Let me the wine that intoxicates you.
Let me be your last washed piece of laundry in your wardrobe.
Let be your lucky penny that you wont hesitate to drop into the wells of chance.
Let me be your guard, your shield, your wound, your scar, your field.
Let me be everything to you like you are to me.
Will you ever see this page? Will you ever understand?