Jul 29, 2009

Don't fix the hole where the rain gets in.

Lazy lazy laaaaizeeee day.
No boss.
Loads of free time. Nothing to do. No need to even pretend to work.
Omar Abdullah has been alleged of being involved in a sex scam in 2006. What could have been the scam? Maybe he promised to have sex with someone and didn't put out at the last minute. Now that would be a scam.
Did you know that there is whole movement going on in India to save the Brinjal? Yep, because the government is going to introduce geneticaly modified Brinjal, many independent agencies are trying to get a sort of patent proclaiming the origins of Brinjal to be in India, so that its genetic testing can be prevented. Like in Peru, which is supposed to have given the world its first Potato, the genetic testing on Potato crops is prohibited. I found this bit of info funny, but then, why not? Everything is good, everything is bad. Lets fight for the brinjal as well.

Could I go somewhere? I don't really have the energy. Want to curl up and sleep. or die. Only Crocin has kept me alive since last night. I love Crocin. I love all antipyretics, to be fair. Don't want Calpol being cross with me. While we are still on that subject, I would like to state my affection for analgesics as well. I have my reservations about Saridon, though. Not about its performance, honestly I haven't tried one. I don't think I will ever too. The inner feminist does not allow me to consume Saridon or any other pill that dictates to me what I should or shouldn't wear. Do men feel the same when they consume Saridon?

I should go and do some work. Sometime today. Maybe in the last 5 mins before I leave office. That's a good time. Hmm.

Jul 5, 2009

Resorting to the cauldron

Call me perverse, if you will, but I stick to the opinion that there is comfort in falling sick. By that I don't mean any serious illness or anything that involves pain, but merely temporary impairment of faculties. Something like a cold.
I have one right now. I shivered the whole afternoon, sneezed and wheezed. Threw off the blanket, braved the rainy evening for a bit and even made dinner plans with a friend. 15 sneezes and 3 hankies later, chickened out, cancelled dinner plans and crawled under the blanket snivelling. Then I got up just around dinner time and started making rasam. Simple kottu rasam.
I warmed the water in a thin metal saucepan with a loosely screwed on Bakelite handle and soaked the tamarind. 10 minutes later when I dipped my hand in the lukewarm water to squeeze the tamarind pulp, I closed my eyes to revel in that comfortable feeling. At that moment, I swear, I felt the trembling hands of generations of old women caress my fevered brow. I knew then that this rasam was a cure. It was a potion that would cure me of all ills. When I tipped in a spoonful of turmeric into the dark tamarind waters, with a multitude of other good things like pepper,cumin,mustard and butter, I felt like I was looking into a witch's brew. Dark with swirling herbs with flashes of gold in between where the melted butter had captured the turmeric before it gave itself to the brew fully. Now when I sip my rasam, I feel powerful. Dark and mysterious. Empowered by the secret of ancient witches, who knew how to hurt and how to heal themselves. No matter what went wrong.
Sometimes it is worth falling ill, just to test your own powers. Call me perverse, if you will.

Jul 2, 2009

Faith and Hope

Not the sitcom, you dummies! For us Indians. We are not an underdeveloped nation any more. Our nation is not one of apes and cave-people. Sorry, if any real apes are reading this blog, but I am sure you will understand and forgive me just this once.
One High Court Judge, A.P.Shah has proved that he is not an invertebrate and above all, is human. He has ruled out in favour of repealing the Section 377 of the Indian Constitution. Of course, this doesn't help much until a Bill is officially passed in the parliament that reads down the Section 377. However, it is a great start! Wooohoooo!
I don't want to be told by any constitution how many people I get do it with. I should be able to do it with any one above the age of consent irrespective of gender. Most of all the Government had better employ its eyes better by watching the weather and crops and NOT what I do in bed! The Government shouldn't tell me how my partner(s) and I should enjoy our time.
Hmm, who knows? Maybe S&M clubs will be allowed across cities. We can always hope. :P
Towards a sex-positive nation. Cheers!