Dec 23, 2010

You missed the last bus when you went for a walk down that road

When I was a wee lass,
and my braid was fat
and its weight pulling my neck back,
I could see only the sky.

It was vast and blue
and white and grey
and I thought I would twinkle someday
like those stars in the night sky.

If I skipped a step in tune,
seemed like I would be a dancer
and if I rhymed it with rune,
I would become a poet and
write forever about the summer sky.

All roads lay in front of me
and why, I could go down any I chose
Who knew where they led to?
To hell, heaven or somewhere in the sky?

What no one ever told me
was that if wander far down one path,
you could never make it back in time
for that bus ride which takes you right up to the sky.