Mar 19, 2011

Taxiing for take-off

How and what does one write ? How do people write copiously? How come there are so many books published? How come there are so many stories told? Sometimes I feel all the stories have been told and then I read a tale retold so well that it seems like a new story after all.
I thought travel gives your pen wings, it doesn't. If your ink don't run on a page now, all the wandering won't help it.
Sometimes there is just no way to tell a story.
I wander, I see, I imbibe yet I cannot tell it to anyone. Cursed. Bound by some unknown pact to keep all the stories bubbling inside secret. I couldn't tell it if I wanted to.

Writers, I think, are just people who have broken their word and outed the secrets.

Curse them all.

Anyway, something melodious and uplifting for those who have wandered here on to this page. Just turn right and click.