Feb 9, 2009


Wonder what Damoclii is? It is the plural invented for Damocles by yours truly.

I wait every day for the sword to fall.
In the meantime, I listen to Pardesi from Dev D which blocks out the rest of the world. When I take the earphones off, the world is aswirl with dark humour and hysterical laughter which triggers even more recession jokes. Occasionally, a few muffled sobs, somebody choking out on a hanky and a glaring empty seat. Make that 'glaring empty seats'.

In retrospect, we could have predicted it. We could have prevented it. What is the point of going down that road now? Everybody, the world over made mistakes.

Here, I pay the price.
6 months back, everything was good for me. An MBA, a job in a good company which was specially known for its retail ventures. Remember,booming retail,anyone? Marketing?

Now, I wait for the sword to fall.

The silken thread is breaking. My erstwhile cool VH1 loyalist friend has taken to watching GOD Channel with great interest. I find solace in denial and relentless optimism.

Where will it all end ?

I have no clue. I know one thing for sure. Whatever happens, happens for the good.

If the sword falls, I will swerve and get out of the way. Maybe I will fall, maybe I will have to crawl. Maybe I will have to start my life all over again. Maybe I will have to take up jobs that will bring down the worth of the already worthless degrees I have amassed to nought.

Jaan hai toh jahaan hai.

Maybe I will become an Edwidge Danticat in my 40s. There is time, lots of time.

Damoclii, take courage. This is a long long dark tunnel. Hold my hand even if you cant see it.There is light. There is a way out. It can only get better. :)

Feb 2, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things

Bookmark from Blossom Book House. Simple. Brilliant. Makes you happy to look at it. :)

Has been my motto all my life. This sign encourages me to gorge on Apple Cake ( or Happy Cake as rightly named by my friend K ), puffs, Kulfi Wedge, Mango Mousse, Plum cake..I could go on and on about the wonders at Nilgiris. Its like heaven!

My land and a train going round the bend.

Read, eat and travel on a shoestring budget. Does one need anything more to be happy?
No, don't answer that! It is mere rhetoric.