Feb 15, 2012

I give in to the basest of my urges

Always wanted to be highbrow and never put in words the frustration at work. Now I give up on those sort of taking-the-high-road thoughts and principles.

It is 12:00AM. I am up. Rehashing a presentation which has already been sent to the client last week. It is an 180 slider, heavyweight presentation, made last week over 72 hyper-caffeinated hours by me. Sure, it has many flaws. It is probably an egg-net of flaws. However, my point is that it has been sent already. Why bother now?

However, my sado-masochistic boss wants me to "relook" at it and "tweak" it thus.

In his words, this is what I must do

"Look at each slide. Read what is written on it. And ask yourself 'So what?' An answer will come to you, write it down on the slide. Ask yourself this question 5 times and write down the answer each time. Once you have done that, ask yourself 'Now what?' "

So here I am. 180 slides, 900 so-whats and 180 now-whats. Whee!

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