Jul 2, 2009

Faith and Hope

Not the sitcom, you dummies! For us Indians. We are not an underdeveloped nation any more. Our nation is not one of apes and cave-people. Sorry, if any real apes are reading this blog, but I am sure you will understand and forgive me just this once.
One High Court Judge, A.P.Shah has proved that he is not an invertebrate and above all, is human. He has ruled out in favour of repealing the Section 377 of the Indian Constitution. Of course, this doesn't help much until a Bill is officially passed in the parliament that reads down the Section 377. However, it is a great start! Wooohoooo!
I don't want to be told by any constitution how many people I get do it with. I should be able to do it with any one above the age of consent irrespective of gender. Most of all the Government had better employ its eyes better by watching the weather and crops and NOT what I do in bed! The Government shouldn't tell me how my partner(s) and I should enjoy our time.
Hmm, who knows? Maybe S&M clubs will be allowed across cities. We can always hope. :P
Towards a sex-positive nation. Cheers!