Jul 29, 2009

Don't fix the hole where the rain gets in.

Lazy lazy laaaaizeeee day.
No boss.
Loads of free time. Nothing to do. No need to even pretend to work.
Omar Abdullah has been alleged of being involved in a sex scam in 2006. What could have been the scam? Maybe he promised to have sex with someone and didn't put out at the last minute. Now that would be a scam.
Did you know that there is whole movement going on in India to save the Brinjal? Yep, because the government is going to introduce geneticaly modified Brinjal, many independent agencies are trying to get a sort of patent proclaiming the origins of Brinjal to be in India, so that its genetic testing can be prevented. Like in Peru, which is supposed to have given the world its first Potato, the genetic testing on Potato crops is prohibited. I found this bit of info funny, but then, why not? Everything is good, everything is bad. Lets fight for the brinjal as well.

Could I go somewhere? I don't really have the energy. Want to curl up and sleep. or die. Only Crocin has kept me alive since last night. I love Crocin. I love all antipyretics, to be fair. Don't want Calpol being cross with me. While we are still on that subject, I would like to state my affection for analgesics as well. I have my reservations about Saridon, though. Not about its performance, honestly I haven't tried one. I don't think I will ever too. The inner feminist does not allow me to consume Saridon or any other pill that dictates to me what I should or shouldn't wear. Do men feel the same when they consume Saridon?

I should go and do some work. Sometime today. Maybe in the last 5 mins before I leave office. That's a good time. Hmm.


  1. What a lazy person, its lazynes did not let it be lazy as it wanted. get Lazy in the laziets of the Lazynest times.

  2. Saridon- hahahaha.
    So that is why i saw so many men wearing saris they weren't cross dressers or hijras- but just suffered from headaches.

  3. @Australopithecus:

    Congrats! You understood the Saridon joke. I feel relieved. :)

  4. Hey.. me too.. cant live without crocin.. its such a life saver...

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