Jun 19, 2009

TV Dinners are so 90s!

Won't you undo my shoes?
My feet are killing me so.
I have dragged my shod feet across
the hall, to watch Depeche Mode.

That insanely blue and green-sweet cuckoo
pops its head out of its shiny sham home
to tell us it is eight, and Fuck you, fuck YOU 8
times over and shuts itself up again, back home.

It is Strange Love that they are playing
and I do agree that one gives in to sin
to make life liveable. Otherwise dreary.
Does this mean that we are dining in?

Our plates messy and my eyes glued to VH1,
I have no clue what you are thinking about.
You still haven't helped me take my shoes off.
Love I will have to do without.

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