Aug 11, 2010

The little city that never was

It is not the city with streets of gold. Not where you can forget your past and come up with a brand new future. Not the city of love or joy or beauty. The pope never lived here. Nor do the stars and starlets. Not famous for absinthe or freaks in cages or sex bars or topless women standing in balconies preening. It is not where the Jats live, love and commit crimes of passion. Not known for mindless opulence and you cannot find Chanel totes in gullies.

Then whatever is Bangalore? Does it really not have a character of its own ? Or is it just that it is rather uncool to be the setting of any movie/ music video?

I think that Bangalore is the place where you come to face reality. Reality. Your own and your country's. No, Impossible is something, something that has to be worked around. You have to plan. You only have so much money. Your family still exists, they didn't magically disappear and leave you free during the few months / years you spent in America. They are not fine. Your mother is growing old and your father is sick. Your siblings are abroad and only you are there in this country. This is not like the time you were in Mumbai or Delhi, far away form your home and you never realised their problems coz they never told you. You need to look at your income realistically. You need to save up for yourself and send money home to make your parents lives better. Your ex has moved on. You need to do that as well. No, you cannot pub hop till the wee hours of the morning. There is work to be done the next day. There are parking fines to be paid and dirty clothes to be washed. It will not do to wear the same pair of jeans to work on 5 consecutive days. You look around. Nobody does that. All your colleagues have cars and/or bikes and clean, big houses with carpeting and flower vases! Even the single ones! Most of them take a vacation abroad every year, not work, but vacation.
It is a good life, there are plenty of opportunities but you have to work hard and harder to make it work for you. Luck has nothing to do with the quality of your life. No slums by the side of railway tracks but no Marine Drive mansions either. There is no Ambani fairy tale, no rags and no riches in Bangalore. Not the city of immense possibility, there is a ceiling. But then there is a solid ground as well.
It is the city of solid grounding and pragmatism. The eye drops that wash your eyes out and leave them with the power to look at your life with crystal clear vision.
You make your life here, clean and beautiful with modest acquisition of beauty and property. You look at your roots and think that it is time to give back. That's it!
The city which teaches you that unlike other cities where you snatch and grab, here you must give back to whatever has made you.
Yeah, I can see a director's view point, no romanticism in solid pragmatism and thanksgiving. No ?

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