Aug 10, 2010

Housewife - Mrs. Robinson or Rajni ?

***My Weekend***
Swabbing with an 800 rupee mop
Appam and kadala curry
the quintessential gajar ka halwa , the post modern Bollywood sweet
broken glass
broken down water filter
yelling at salesmen/service professionals
coming up with new threats -bored of the age old ' pulis mein complaint karenge aap ke baare mein'
dreaming - oh always that
building castles in the air about a friend becoming some editorial mogul ( not sure what that is)
then on top of those big-ass castles, building some fragile structures of one's own, a little room on my friends minaret, a little magazine of my own, :P
beauty and pain
smoothness and endless self-adoration for 3 hrs
hunt for the corkscrew
a little more dreaming
clogged drains
long shower
thinking about The Book
rushing to catch slow buses
thinking about making a patchwork bag - old saree + old curtain, should I ?
a ring and a mangalsutra
some blinding gold shops with hideous jewels
bad salad and good coffee
the corkscrew found
impatience and violence
broken cork floating in the wine
wine through a tea strainer
dirty dishes

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