Apr 5, 2010

I am here to discuss Fear

What makes you insecure?
What makes you scared?
What makes you want to run without even waiting to put your shoes on?

I will go first.

1. That I will die without ever getting that job that I want and enjoying a day at work
2. That I will die without having ever raised a child
3. That I will never get to see all the places that I want to go to
4. That I will be crippled and not be a full person
5. That He will stop loving me and I will never know it
6. That I will never be desired sexually by women
7. That I will be raped brutally
And hordes of other things like stray dogs, cats, creepy crawlies, being mauled to death in a forest, dying of heart attack etc.

What are yours?

Why are we afraid? Does not Fear take away something from you?

What to do about it?


  1. basically everything from rape to puppies scares you. also, who is this chinky person above/below me? why is this post a message for him?

  2. Yep. Scared of everything.

    Haan, this chinky person, if you click on his name, you go to his blog, it is empty and the page keeps opening up again and again no matter how many times you shut it. Some virus, i think. It has commented to on all my recent posts.