Apr 22, 2010

Art of taking it "aisy"

I have come to realise that I am so worried about everything that I have forgotten to relax.
So in post-appraisal rage, I decided to take 2 days off for myself. Just me. Will do whatever I want.

Today started out well.
Getting up late. Seeing fiance off when he goes off to work.
Breakfast - 1 apple, 2 chotu bananas
Some chatting on gtalk with friends. Sending off resumes and making phone calls.
Then cutting up loads of veggies and mixing it up with leftover dal and some masalas to make something yummy. Hearty lunch. Started reading 'East of Eden'.
Then some high tension moments of dealing with workers, supervisors and maintanence managers. 3 hours of pointless conversations. Then I decide to drop it. Whatever, doood. Peace to all earthlings.
Had a hot shower, welcomed fiance back with a kiss. Now chilling after having ordered dinner and waitng for friends to join me.
Maybe tomorrow, the taking it easy part will be better, with practice.

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