May 1, 2009

Miss Marple's Beaux

This is what I would call a my band if I had one. I would be the band manager and main lyricist, of course. Only some filler numbers would be written by the others. There would be a lead singer with a voice like Dolores O'Riordan, slightly raspier than that but as rich. She would be rake thin and lanky and awkward as a colt, except when she is on stage. When she grabs that microphone and closes her eyes to sing, she will become like a graceful bamboo stalk,something the angels sent you for your birthday coz you were so good last year.
There will be two guitarists, both female, one slightly dumpy looking with a cupcake in her hand all the time. Even on stage, surreptitiously, she would grab a bite and try to stuff the half-eaten goodie somewhere on top of all the equipment. She would be the lead guitarist. The other woman is nondescript.She can also play all kinds of flutes.
We have a tabalchee instead of a drummer. It is a middle aged man,who used to play for some brothel pretending to be a kotha for gentlemen. He was an innocent cherub. Really used to believe that all the those drunk perverts came there for the musical pleasure of the evening and after the recital went home quietly nursing their leftover cheap whisky and unspent desire. Then one day, the police came and raided the Meenabais and Sarlabais. When he saw the dishevelled, naked sweaty women being paraded out with their clients, he started bawling. Bawled his head off like a baby. The policemen did not want to have a snivelling tabalchee on their hands, so they ignored him. Since then he wasn't the same man anymore. He was gloomy and took to brooding on street corners where he set up his tabla and played whenever he felt like it. That is how we would have come across him and taken him under our wing. Then,of course, there is a young college boy on the key board, who is always threatening to put his talents to use elsewhere but nobody will have him coz he is so bad and we keep him on coz we have precious little use for the keyboard and he is really the only cute one on stage anyway.
That is what Miss Marple's Beaux would be like. And we would sing songs of the death of love, the flaws of human nature, hatred, poisons, loneliness, spinsterhood and such depressing themes. The music would be sweet and melodious and sonorous. Beyond that I can't really say anything about the music, coz I don't know much about it really.
Want Miss Marple's Beaux to come to life.


  1. morrisons and joplins are turning in their grave..:)

    but its a nice team you have up there.. and i am sure the two weak men will be shown the door soon, they are there to keep the critics quite no? :)

  2. :)
    No,no, I am all for equal opportunities. Who says the men, in this case, are weak?