May 11, 2009


The spoon scrapes the bowl
trying to find gruel stuck in the corners,
trying to find corners in the semi-sphere.

The spoon scrapes the bowl
idly, while its stalk( or stem,if you prefer)
leans out of its own accord to laden plates.

The spoon scrapes the bowl
and then stops. Decisively!
Enough is enough and no more!

The spoon is held up by
a trembling hand, resolutely.
And the voice asks plaintively:
"More, please. More. "


Dearest K, I said this for both of us.


  1. :) Thats a nice one...reminds me of Oliver Twist.

  2. @aadarsh:
    Yes,dear. it is based on Oliver Twist but also refers to my current job situation. :)