Jan 7, 2013

My wish list

1. Write a novella
2. Lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle - trying to eliminate plastic from every possible aspect of life
3. Look better -want to regularly apply multani-mitti and besan packs etc, however feel deterred by the paucity of time and break down at the thought of the messiness.
4. Cook a lot of new dishes - a lot of new ones
5. Do a bit of ballet everyday
6. Learn to take my Ayurvedic meds on time
7. Try and be a part of a food raising charity - something on the lines of Oz Harvest

When I think about what I really really really want for this year, it is nothing big like a trip abroad or a high paying job or even a baby. I just want to make elementary changes in my lifestyle, however this list seems tougher than Baby- Job- International Trip list. 

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