Aug 12, 2012

Everything is 2D

Would you like to sketch me? How would you go about it? Would you represent my overweight body by swiftly drawn strokes that will give a sense of the fluidity of my flesh? Will you manage to capture how unusually small and screwed up my eyes are? And wondrous natural darkness of my eyelids that always make me look like I have a teensy bit of eye shadow on? And the stray hairs wildly fluttering? And my pimply cheek and darker chin? The tiny tiny hairs on my upper lip? The sandpapery texture of my nose? The softness of my ears, their easy foldable nature? the tiny teeth, except for the two buck teeth up front.
If I were to ask you to paint me in colour, would it make it all the more difficult for you?
And if I were to ask you to extract my essence and abstract me into a visual art form, what would you do?
I think I would forever like to me immortalized as a tiny mosquito just about to land in the thick  sweetness of a Tropicana Orange juice served in a cheap thick glass

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha. Loved this kutty..loved this...

    Have you read Nirmala Puttul's collection of poems?

    It's in Hindi. This post me of her.